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The Coal Miner - A poem

The Coal Miner

My old man was a good old man skilled in the mining trade

In the stinking heat of the low coal face my old man was made

Down on his knees in the sludge and coal he was not afraid

To finish his stint that was his goal before he came home again

That was my old man


My old man wasn't really old it was just that I was young

He would work all long hours to get the job done

He was friendly to his workmates all his life

Gave his pay packet to his wife

Had a couple of beers on Saturday night

That was my old man


My old man was a tough old man who worked hard all his days

He said if you want what is your right

You'll have to struggle with all your might

They'll rob you blind if you don't fight

That was my old man


My old man was a proud old man at home and on the coal face floor

Until the day they paid him off and showed him to the door

He'd two bad knees and an aching back

A lifetimes work and he's got the sack what was he to do

That was my old man


But his advice is not to lose your grip

But be aware of the man with a silicon chip

Or you may finish on the tip

The same as your old man



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