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Mary Warnes nee Atkins - memories of the St. Johns Rooms

When I was a girl there were quite a lot of activities going on. Saturday night there was a whist drive and dance. 6d (sixpence) per ticket. Mum and Dad went to the whist drive then myself and Hilda my friend waited at the door (bottom of the stairs) for Dad to pass me the tickets for the dance. Our job woiuld be to put the chairs round the walls while the tables were cleared away and the floor got ready for the dance. The local band arrived and set their instruments on the stage, yes we had a stage in those days with curtains round for the plays and things that were put on, good old days. The band struck up there was always quite a crowd of people. Waltz, St. Bernards, waltz, foxtrot, gay gordons and boston two step, we danced them all. Refreshments in the interval, then the last hour. The Anthem was played and no one left until it finished. Then home we went as it was church Sunday morning for me, half past ten the service started in those days so we left our house about 10 o clock. We met a lot of friends on the way to church then we all sat in our own pews. No games on a Sunday, no shops open it was a really nice restful day for the older people. Thanks be to God for those days, will they ever ome back, I doublt it.

Mary Warnes nee Atkins bn 10/06/23

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