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The History Society


Working with local schools, colleges and universities is a priority of the History Society and each year we work together to provide the children of Kiveton and Wales insights into the villages history and stories, and for older students to explore our fascinating heritage. During the course of the history project in 2006-7 we also provided work experience for two high school students and placements for five students from Sheffield Hallam University. We worked with students from Sheffield College to create the fantastic film clips you can see on this site.

Together with Kiveton Park and Wales Development Trust we created adult learning courses for people to explore local and family history - these courses are flourishing thanks to the excellent guidance of Julie Draper at KPWCDT.

This section gives you a taste, but nothing can really give a real sense of what it is like to see pupils eagerly talking to former miners, teachers dressed in heavy overalls and how pleased our volunteers have been to entertain and work with local children over recent years, and support learning in the widest sense.

KS2 Resource Packs

Download Key Stage 2 resourse packs all about the Pits.

A Day at Pit School

A Short Play set at Kiveton Park Colliery School in 1877 Written by members of Kiveton Meadows Year Five (Mr Barber’s Class) June 2007

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