During the course of our project local volunteers have been busily researching and writing books and pamphlets. In many cases these are subjects the authors have been interested in for many years and the Project has provided the means by which they can now be published ‘digitally’. Of course, hard-copies of these books can be purchased from the History Society, contact our publications secretary Mari Godfrey on, or pick up copies from Kiveton Park Library.

What we have also included here are several republications of previous works published about the history of Kiveton and Wales, to which we are very grateful to the authors or their descendents for giving us permission to reproduce. These have been scanned and are made available in PDF format in their original form.

We hope that people will continue to write and publish books and pamphlets to be included on this site for people to download. If you would like to write a book about local history or know of a publication that you think we should include please let us know.

Remember, other local history books are available from the history society and Kiveton Park library, many of which are mentioned elsewhere on this website. Books available for purchase elsewhere include ‘From Coal Dust to Pacific Beaches’ by Dennis Street,, ‘Who were the Lord Conyers?’ by Geoff Nuttall via and Christine Richardson’s fascinating account of how Anstone stone was taken from Kiveton Park to London to build the Palace of Westminster in the 1840s: